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Master Degree in Chemistry

The purpose of the "Chemical processing of hydrocarbon raw material" Master’s Degree programme is to educate broad-minded specialists in the fields of petroleum refining, gas chemistry, petrochemistry, who possess a wide range of interests in these areas including new ecological and technological requirements, and modern issues in fuels, lubricants and petrochemicals production. This course includes fundamentals of modern processing hydrocarbon raw materials, modern methods of increasing economic efficiency, and the integration of oil refining and petrochemical industries. Particular attention is given to innovative approaches of solving the problem of modernisation of facilities based on the latest based on the latest developments in science and technology.

An important focus in the program is given to the modern methods of determining the quality of products and semi-products in the oil and gas sector.

An integral part of the training is the legal frameworks in the field of intellectual property protection, and to the applied computer technologies in science and education. The obtained knowledge will enable to receive information on the latest scientific and technical achievements in the field of oil refining and petrochemical industries.

Traning  includes practical research work in  laboratories of Faculty of Chemistry at Lomonosov Moscow State University and leading scientific research institutes of the country.

List of courses:

Current issues of chemistry

History and methodology of chemistry

The methodology of teaching chemistry

Computer technologies in science and education

Foreign Language

Philosophy of natural science

Current issues of chemical engineering

Intellectual property  and legal basis for solving problems of hydrocarbon processing

Environmental safety

Fundamentals of Management

Current issues of oil refining

Current issues of petrochemistry

New technologies in gas chemistry

Modern methods of assessment  the quality of raw materials, , itermediates  and hydrocarbons processing

The basics of economy and innovation management in oil and gas  processing 

Fundamentals of gas processing

Environmental aspects of hydrocarbon processing

Energy saving technologies in oil and gas industries

Fundamentals of marketing products of petroleum and gas